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A nice review and interview in Examiner.com


"If you really want to understand peace and love, read this book!  Admittedly hilarious, sexy, and outrageous, Hunga Dunga is a “how-to” book for getting us back to the garden.  And we have to get ourselves back to the garden!

Step into young Giacco's shoes, and you step into his mind and his heart and his body.  You are privy to his every thought and emotion as he follows the path of an incredible journey.  It is joyful, touching, profound, very funny, and one you will not soon forget." - Human Rights Commission, City and County of San Francisco, Larry Brinkin, Senior Manager

“Polizatto is an unapologetic hippie and Hunga Dunga is his homage to hippiedom.  He does an amazing job of showing us things through a new set of eyes and writing erotic scenes that are very hot and at the same time have a real innocence about them.  Hunga Dunga is outrageous and very, very funny!” - Michael Bennett, BottomLine Magazine

"This might just be the definitive Sixties novel.  I can tell there's an extremely literate and eloquent mind at work here.  His (Polizatto's) descriptions are stunning, and there's such a 'being there' feeling, I can never regret that I didn't make the 'hippie circuit' or even leave the country, because with this book, the picture is so detailed and complete, it's almost like my own memories. In fact, clearer than my own memories." - Pat Hartman, author of Ghost Town and Call Someplace Paradise

"San Francisco in the late 60's and 70's was our wonderworld and Giacco's journeys take us back to a time of discovery of self and true family. From HungaDunga's dinner table to the living rooms of countless communes dotting the City, grab your passport as Polizatto takes us from the streets of SF to the islands, to a dome in Twisp and across a continent or two in the pre-pandemic times we thought would last forever. Share this journey from a time when free love, enlightenment, creativity, and psychedelic meanderings were all there were to dream of in a day" - Lindalou Schram-Williams, author of Shinto Letters from Steve Richmond: A Meat Poet's Last Correspondence

"Hunga Dunga is an incredible book about an incredible life journey at an incredible time by an incredible character as described by an incredible author. Phil Polizatto’s gift to humanity is the ability to bring the heady aspects of the universe at large into a universally-grounded perspective. The more implausible the story, the more it rings true.

Hunga Dunga is sweet, sexy, funny, and undeniably profound. The meaning of the story transcends words on a page – and that’s what books are supposed to do.Polizatto has bared his soul and what we come to see is that the power of humanity lies in the ability to be humane.  Not to give too much away, Hunga Dunga is a map of the spirit in which all roads lead to Self." - A. Neal, Intriguism.com

"... this is damned good stuff! Superlative dialogue. Written with a comfort and assuredness that vacuumed me into that world. Excellent. Amusing and poignant..." - Colonel, Retired, U.S. Army Donald McRae, author of Montana Gold and Conflict of Interest

"Phil Polizatto has given the world an amazing (and accurate) picture of that very special time in history. He’s woven such a sweet and beautiful story in such a conversational manner, that all the intellectual references gently drip like honey so that anyone can partake in the feast.   I am disappointed only because it does not continue for another thousand pages, but even that would not be enough. Polizatto has created a living hero in his book while disclosing the essence of a cultural phenomenon that has been taken for granted for far too long.  Hunga Dunga is a magical and revealing journey that never sounds phony or contrived.  The end delivered on the promise to tie any loose ends into a satisfying and rewarding conclusion." - Lee Balan, author of Exhumations and Alien Journal

"…this book is definitely Kerouacian in its scope, both on the human (cast of characters – and what characters!) and geographical scale. For those who have ears to hear, Hunga Dunga is a reminder of some of our deepest and hardest won truths." - Randolph Maxted, poet and publisher, The Intriguist Literary and Arts Magazine

"I  love Hunga Dunga!  Giacco's growth over the course of the novel is masterfully done.  The parallel of him and the slow transformation of the hippie movement is also well told.  I find that the story culminating in a struggle over (left out so as not to ruin the surprise,) a supremely ironic statement." - Jeff Green, publisher, Petroglyph Books

"It isn't every day that I sit long enough to read seven chapters of any book in one sitting.  But I could not stop reading the book, HUNGA DUNGA, A True Novel, by Phil Polizatto. With brilliant candor, Polizatto takes us on a wild ride through the Age of Aquarius during the 1960's... I can't wait to finish the book. I predict it will become a best seller in a very short time." - Patricia D'Alessandro, author of The Weaving of a Being, Croce D'Oro, and Voce Velatura

"Phil Polizatto's new novel, Hunga Dunga, is about hippie culture and a journey around the world in search of The Guru!  It is a tour de force!" - Janice Kleinschmidt, Palm Springs Life Magazine

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