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Giacco Giordano is insane! He has organic brain damage from too much LSD. Hes a borderline schizophrenic. Hes harmless, but incurable. The State awards him a paltry stipend, but enough to contribute to the communal coffers of Hunga Dunga and to pursue Enlightenment on a grand scale.

This is his story about that brief but unforgettable time in our history when flower children were sure peace and love would guide the planet. It was only a matter of time. Or so they thought. What happened? Giacco would like to remind you. Time is running out.

HUNGA DUNGA is often holy, often horny. Sometimes saintly, sometimes sexually explicit. From New York to Los Angeles, Lovelock to Woodstock, Tucson to Prince George, San Francisco to Twisp, and an amazing journey around the world in search of The Guru. You are in for some very strange rides. If you are lucky, you might find the secret to god-realization. But make sure you are sitting under a blanket.  Are you ready?

The Hunga Dunga Trilogy, now in one volume!  Available at fine bookstores everywhere.

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